START NOW! is not just another book about "startups" and the maverick entrepreneurs that normally launch such risky endeavors. Quite the opposite!


START NOW! is the amazing story of how aspiring entrepreneurs are getting into businesses NOW and succeeding despite the challenges they face in today's economy!


START NOW! is about igniting an entrepreneurial revolution. Real entrepreneurship! Not just the run of the mill business startup everyone is talking about.

About the Co-Author
Dr. Denis Cauvier


Frank Codina started his entrepreneurial journey at the young age of 19 when he was recruited right out of college to become a sales rep at Primerica, then part of TravelersGroup, a Fortune 500 company.

He climbed quickly to the position of Regional Vice President by 1993, and Senior Vice President in 1999. In that same year, Frank moved to Madrid, Spain to be a co-founder of a new financial services startup (CitiSolutions) created with the backing of Citigroup (NYSE: C). The company's assets and clients were sold to CitiBank España in 2009 (Now Banco Popular) as part of a strategic plan to take Primerica public.

By 2010 Frank had returned to the US where he continued his career with Primerica, now as Senior National Sales Director and was part of the leadership team invited to New York on April 1st 2010 when the company went pubic on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: PRI).

From 2010 to 2013, Frank started to transition slowly into angel investing where he discovered his passion for technology. Realizing a great need in the entrepreneurial social media space, Frank co-founded NEURS.com (NEURS LLC). Other projects followed, like OppBox, Tiliq, and most notably inCruises.

Whenever he is not busy at work in one of his business venture, you will find him traveling the world. An avid traveler, Frank and his family have visited over 50 countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas.

About NEURS.com

NEURS aims to connect the entrepreneurial world by providing an online platform that connects aspiring entrepreneurs with all the resources they could ever need to start and grow their ideal business; from new business ideas, business education, to mentors, vendors, investors and lenders.

NEURS now has hundreds of thousands of users in over 190 countries and recently added Kevin Harrington, world renowned entrepreneur and original cast member of ABC’s Shank Tank as an strategic partner and equity owner.

About OppBox.com

OppBox is a white label service designed to help launch early stage digital businesses.

OppBox provides product development, technology, financial resources and of course, a good dose of our marketing know-how to help launch the businesses its partners up with in order to make them succeed beyond their initial expectations. Frank is OppBox’s managing partner.

Upcoming projects:

About Tiliq

Tiliq is a professional business email service that’s more secure, cheaper, and more technologically advanced than Gmail for Business, Outlook 365, Exchange Server, FastMail, and Zoho.

If anyone is looking for emails for their domains, today’s choices are stuck in past (technologically speaking), quite pricy and not very appealing. Tiliq offers a great solution for anyone needing emails for their domains. Frank is a co-founder at Tiliq.

About inCruises

InCruises is the world's first membership club exclusive to the cruising industry.

Frank is a co-founder along with Michael Hutchison, and is the company’s President and Chief Operations Officer.